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Case Story – Selvanayagam Vithushan

Vithushan, born on September 2, 1999 is a 12 year old child studying in grade 6 at Anaikkoddai Balasubramaniam Maha Vithyalayam.During the final stages of the armed conflict in the Vanni, Vithushan lost all his immediate family members namely, his father, mother, brother and two sisters at Mathalan on March 3, 2009.


Glorious Jaffna “Let’s put a bit of Jaffna into our lives” aims to help the war effected children to uplift their educational standards. Selvanayagam Vithusan was one such child who was absorbed to the Educational Sponsorship Programme. Since August Vithushan’s educational needs were provided by Glorious Jaffna “Let’s put a bit of Jaffna into our lives”. Educational sponsorship has been provided for him in the following 5 categories.

Books                       : Text books, extra reading material which are not provided by the     


Stationery                :  Pencils, erasers, compass boxes etc

Catchup Education  : Tuition classes are given to cover missed areas of syllabus

Extra Coaching        : For special talents like Music, Art, Dancing, Sports etc

Savings                   : Minimum of LKR 500 will be deposited as savings.

Fortunately for Vithushan, his Mother’s Sister, Theresa (present Guardian) brought him to Arunachalam Welfare Centre in Vavuniya where they lived until October 2009. Since, Theresa owned a land in Anaikkoddai, Jaffna, they were released from the camp for resettlement, so that, they could put up a temporary shelter and live on, till they received a permanent house from the Government with World Bank funding via normal process.



 Today, Vithushan has a beautiful house to live in which his Mother’s Sister has built with the funds she has received from the World Bank.


In March 2011, when we first visited Vithushan, he did not show any interest in studies and did not attend school regularly due to poverty as his Guardian Theresa was struggling to meet the demands of the household with the earnings from  a small grocery shop that she operated. At the time, all what Vithushan had in his mind was to become a Mason like his father.

In August 2011, Vithushan started receiving his educational study pack and we observed that his school attendance was improving day by day. He joined evening classes and was occupied with his studies throughout the day.

Vithushan’s overall rating had dropped at the 2nd term exams but he is confident that he will perform better in the next term tests. He shows more interest in studies now and putting all his efforts to come out with improved average and ranking in class at the last term exams.

We could observe that Vithushan is fully engaged with his studies working hard with an objective to obtain better results in the next term tests.

Even though, he is not sure of what he wants to become now, his original intention of growing up as a Mason has faded off in his mind.

He is much naughtier than before and has requested for a push bicycle to facilitate his studies. Vithushan wants to be more independent & responsible and he believes that focusing on education will only help him out of the present situation that he and Theresa are in.

Glorious Jaffna “Let’s put a bit of Jaffna into our lives” will continue to provide assistance to innocent war effected children like Vithushan so that they will have a better future for their lives. By providing the necessary educational resources to children they will be on a equal stead with other children in the country and the relationship between the donor & child will broaden child’s perspective on people outside the Northern Province, which will ultimately minimize the possibility of communal violence in the future.





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