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The Progress on the Educational Sponsorship Programme

The proper implementation of the programme started recently after getting the required approvals from the relevant government institutions. The distribution of the educational material for the 500 children was completed in September. It was carried out in the 15 DS Divisions in the Jaffna Peninsula with the participation of project officers from Asia Capital & Caritas. Educational materials were given to children in order to uplift their educational standards above norm. The educational materials were categorized according to 5 segments such as Books, Stationery, Catch up education, Extra coaching & Savings. Depending on each child’s requirement educational material were distributed among those 5 categories.  However each child receives educational goods worth of 2500 rupees. The overall objective of the programme is to make the children in this region on a comparable stead with the children from other parts of the country. Providing funding for Education will be the best source that can be used to achieve the above objective. Through this programme it will serve as a bridge between the children in the North and children elsewhere in the country, by that we could put a bit of Jaffna into our lives. The programme will be an example for other entities in the society to start similar community based programmes of this magnitude which will have a lasting impact on the community.


Educational Sponsorship for 500 Children

The Educational Sponsorship Programme started its next phase by starting to distribute Educational material for 500 children. One such distribution took place at the Chankanai DS division on the 26th of August with the participation of Project Officers from Asia Capital & Caritas. Out of the 49 children selected from this region 42 children were present to collect the Educational material. All of them received a stationery pack,tuition fees & support for extra coaching. Children will be greatly benefited from this educational support especially for the new school term which will be starting in September. Further it will be a great motivational factor for these children to do well in their studies to reach greater heights in education.


The Distribution of Educational Material

The distribution of educational material was carried out by Caritas along with the project officers from Asia Capital PLC on the 25th Of April as part of the Educational Sponsorship programme. There were more than 13 different types of Educational goods that were handed over to the selected children on this occasion. Most importantly the educational material were handed over in the children’s homes itself and in front of their parents/Guardians.

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